Pregnancy Myths!

We are sure everyone who has given birth experienced this throughout pregnancy. A family member or friend giving you advice or remedies passed down through generations or giving you warnings about what you can and can’t eat. We’ve made a list of some of the oldest tales and myths in the book, and whether there’s any truth in them! So, take a read, have a giggle at some and make sure to take them all with a pinch of salt! If you have bad morning sickness, you’re having a girl Not true! Hormonal changes are the main reason for sickness, and it has nothing to do with the gender of your baby. Should you eat for two? Unfortunately not! You will only need an extra 300 calories on average to feed your extra passenger, and even then it’s not really needed until the third trimester. Try to use the calories wisely and opt for a healthy snack to fill the nutritional necessities for you and your baby. Although the odd treat definitely won’t hurt…!

Seafood is harmful This is an interesting one as there’s always the potential of food poisoning with certain seafoods. There is truth in the rumours that some fish are dangerous, due to the levels of mercury. Doctors recommend minimising tuna consumption and avoiding swordfish altogether as a rule, but cooked fish is almost always not an issue and nothing to be concerned about. Alcohol drinking This is a difficult one. Advice suggests avoiding alcohol completely for the first three months as it can contribute to stillbirth or miscarriage. We know for sure that alcohol passes through the placenta into the fetus and whilst some people may want to engage in the odd glass of wine after the first trimester, it’s probably best to avoid altogether if you’re feeling unsure.

Exercise can harm the baby Absolutely not. The opposite is true, and often a regular and gentle exercise regime can be beneficial to the growth and health of the little one. Exercise can also prevent back pain and lack of sleep. If you didn’t exercise at all pre-pregnancy, consider introducing something gentle such as walking or swimming. No spicy food during pregnancy False. There is no truth in the myth that spicy food can harm your baby, and the only reason to avoid it would be if you were suffering from heartburn. Your sense of smell and taste changes True. This one is probably felt by a large majority of pregnant women, as your senses are heightened throughout pregnancy, leading to changes in food habits and increased smell and taste. You may get some very strange cravings as well as finding previously loved food completely unpalatable! Salty food cravings are indicative of a boy Following on from our last point, your cravings will change and become quite a formidable force during your process. But, once again there is no truth in this one. An iron deficiency may be the result of salt cravings, but not a little boy kicking in your tummy. High bump = a girl If only it was that easy to discover the gender of your baby! The position of your bump is all to do with the muscle tone of your body and whether this is your first pregnancy or not. If you know someone who is pregnant or employ someone who is expecting, consider one of our bespoke gift hampers as a present for them. View our store here.

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