5 Ways to Make Your Staff Feel Appreciated

Staff appreciation is vital to their continued hard work and retention of employment. Studies suggest that nearly one third of UK employees feel that they are not motivated and are undervalued at work. It can sometimes be hard to decide the best way to show your appreciation to staff, but we have laid out some methods on how to do so and ensure that you get the best out of your team.

Team events Now, this can mean multiple things. We aren’t talking about the kind of team training away day that some staff members dread, but instead just a casual meet up outside of work. Whilst this probably already happens in your workplace, arranging a quarterly dinner or evening out can give the management an opportunity to express their gratitude and build relationships beyond the work dynamic.

Appraisals Similarly, there is most likely a formal appraisal or review system within your business. But it doesn’t always have to be so regimented. Consider a regular one to one catch up with staff members individually or in small groups to give them an opportunity to have their voice heard. This will also help in building longer term relationships with them and add transparency to the way your office functions.

Recognise them as individuals This is important, as the work hierarchy can sometimes disillusion your staff members. Break down the barrier between manager and staff and respect them as they respect you. There is much to be said for creating great relationships with your team, and mutual understanding and regular communication will go a long way towards increasing their job satisfaction.

Gifts and reward systems Gifts are a great way to physically reward someone for their efforts at work. There is sometimes an old taboo about buying your own staff gifts, but that is unfounded. Such an obvious show of thanks can only be positive. Recognising birthdays, anniversaries and good news in their personal lives helps show that the business cares about them.

Finally, show what the future holds Personal lives and business lives are often kept separate, but for small and medium business owners there isn’t much chance of that. Whilst your business grows and your team grows, make sure everyone is aware of their value and how important they are going forwards. Feeling underappreciated within their role is going to cause issues in the future, so make a special effort to tell every staff member why they matter and what the future in the business could hold for them. If you show confidence and commitment in them, they will show confidence and commitment in you.

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